Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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so check dis out...
i kno ppl r gonna look at my url n b like
"yo wat da heck is dph?!"
well lemme explain real quick

D.P.H. is me and my lil sista...
it means as yu can clearly read on da title

D- Da
P- Phreshest

I mean not to brag or throw salt on any otha sisters out there
but me n my lil sista r one of the phreshest siblings n da WORLDlol
no matta wat nobody says dats jus wat we believe

We r very confident (but not cocky...well not all da tyme)
but i mean we kno we r yung phresh n fly n dats jus wat we do
nobody ask me nuthin else about wat DPH
now yu know

pictures below r avaliable k?!
im out....

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