Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well Well Well...
My bestest hooper buddy Gl0 got me on dis damn website
to let out my feelings n stuff ewwwwwww lol

nahh im on here to let ppl kno about da "lyfestyle of a hooper" n how i get thru day 2 day
man going to skoo and playin ball is hard enuff but no body jus does dat...
i got 2 go out on da weekends n all dat
so by sunday im SUPER BEAT na mean?!?!

but before i tell all of dat stuff lemme introduce myself da correct way...
my name is Gianne
im n college
IM FROM DA HOTTEST PLACE ON DA PLANET...NEW YORK CITY BABY n i have really heavy accent so dont make fun of me lol
im a half breed....dominican/blak
iHOOP n will continue 2 till i cant no more
IM A SNEAKA HEAD (there gl0 i said it GOSH)
n im pretty coo

[whew] now dat dats ova
i need everybody 2 kno that i may not
always have long paragraphs of stuff on here like (SOME PEOPLE!!)lol
but imma always keep it 100

so read dis n get used 2 me
cuz its gonna b alot more of me on here

im gonne.....

-da one n only

1 comment:

G-M0N3Y said...

okayy, okayy .. not bad for ya first post!
haha .. but dannggg, i mean, u know yo ass a sneaka head, admittance is the first step my dude! lol

good work tho sonn .. i expect a new post every other day [AT LEAST]!