Monday, November 17, 2008


S0 jus as i expected

hatersss have entered da buildin

see da thing about haters is dey r like camoflague

dey come in all different colors shapes sizes and everything

even yur best friends and H00PER BUDDIES can be haters lol

its crazzzyyy!!!


but anywayz...

my buddy GL0 read my last blog

n wuznt very apprecative of my artistic skills n values

n has agreed 2 a over-blog freestyle contest


i kno yall seen her lil spit on her myspace

so yeah yeah i guess gotta give her props


lol imma do me...let da nyc in me bleed out on dis paper

n see wat happens..

lol im not makin no promises but imma do my best


lemme go 2 da studio n make these hits tho...

im outtt....


lol =]

1 comment:

G-M0N3Y said...

lol, i see u tryna step ya blog game up addin a picture! haha .. u gettin the hang of it, lol .. but uhhm, u garbage, lol .. str8 up .. and i'm still waitin on yo 16 barz cuh!